A phone found in tall grass is an experimental Visual Novel made in one month. There are no choices and it should take between 10 and 20 minutes to read.

This tells the story of an apocalypse, how we got there and the three aimless 20-something adults stuck in the middle - experienced entirely through Lia's twitter feed.

 Read the latest news! 

Shitpost while hurtling towards oblivion! 

Tell your closest friends how much you love them!

Although you can scroll by touching the screen, I wouldn't recommend this, as it feels kinda stiff. You can also scroll with Up/Down arrow keys or with W and S, which I much more recommend!

Also, press the M key to toggle the music and A key to toggle the ambiance sounds.

- Writing and Programming: Niandra

- Art assets compiled together from numerous free to use resources, with the full list here

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withGameMaker
Tagsfound-phone, Internet, LGBT, LGBTQIA, lost-phone, phone, phone-game


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wow. this was a really sad read, i enjoyed it a lot and i'm so glad to have come across it!
thank you devs!! i hope to see more like this from yall <3

This is so good and I really enjoyed stumbling on this. Thanks for making it!


Awesome story. Really enjoyed the "found footage" aspect and the uncomfortable relatability to today's world, lololol. Thanks for making this!

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this is so crazy and awesome and it made me genuinely sad to read it but honestly it was so good !!!!
however -

spoilers -

i am a little stupid and i don't understand what exactly happened at the end? i thought lia and luna died, but what happened in 28? i'm just a little confused but in other news i loved the story and i can't even really describe it, i just love it so much for real


spoilers -

i think the bots took over, hence the formulaic tweets and none of them having any likes or interactions

this game is so cool!!!! conceptually it's a really clean concept and the execution is top notch, i really appreciate all the little structural details and the vividness of the world you created

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It's simple and really good :) and it also have a pretty deep meaning but it was easy to understand about the message that this visual novel tryna to tell and deliver. So i must say.. I LOVE THIS  :D


Spoilers teehee

The shift from, "I wanna fuck the bots" to "Oh fuck, the bots are gonna screw us over" was absolutely dreadful. 

Also nice, this happened on my birthday, I'll take it B)

haha >:/


im crying. i wasn't expecting this to make me feel genuine exestential dread. wow.


Hey! This is very cool! I feel like the character portrayal is very accurate to how people in our age group interact online, and I think the struggles of the characters were very relatable throughout. The leaves in the background and the music create a nice ambiance while playing that is not distracting, but makes the game feel more polished.


The ending was sad and impactful in a good way, and I loved the continuous stream of sponsored posts. It seems very realistic that these would continue to automatically post in the event of an actual apocalypse. I also think your decision to add more posts at the end, by accounts that seem to have been hacked is great because it shows the total meltdown of technology.  The characters descent is appropriately chaotic feeling, and I liked the detail of everyone using a survival hashtag.

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this is such a creative and gripping take on the robot takeover genre as well as storytelling with the internet as the subject for that matter. it works so so well and you take what's honestly a really hostile source material for tense and solemn writing and somehow manage to nail it anyways. i'm sure you're very aware of that though, like this story's full of that sense of interpersonal disconnection, loneliness, and that oh so uncomfortable mingling of serious and desperate and crass and comedic which if there was a point to explore the internet in literature that would be it and its done SO WELL here!! i also like how when the thesbots turn rogue there's actually not much explicitly seen or said about them, and we entirely stop hearing from the bots themselves, which leaves them as this sort of faceless silent probably enormous horde stalking the streets which knows where you live and all of your family's names which is so creepy in such a good way. my favourite is jessie green's death announcement and the 'we think she was followed' line like even know we don't know what they're thinking at all we just know they DO think and they premeditate like URGGG foaming at the mouth rn. and there's so much good done with the timeline itself like the trends and jokes and bickering and ads and trades post killer robots and again its that internet bathos and it doesnt make you go 'oh this story doesnt want to be taken seriously :/' it just makes you go 'oh my god....' and throughout the story there's already this kind of looming thought of 'hmm how many of these people are real and not just bots trying to sneak survivor information' especially after the let's player's death + automated video upload and that tension was born for a purpose and by god does it achieve it because the final korvo announcements of 'twitter might be compromised' to 'vulnerable meetup details at this place and (im assuming 'typo' to throw off bots?) time' to 'TWITTER IS COMPROMISED' is SOOO GGUOOD like this is LITERALLY ernest hemingway iceberg theory like this is high art. UGHK and the OPENING/ENDING TWIST like its such a good setup because you see these kind of dated cheesy internet jokes with inexplicit dates and youre like oh this is an old ass phone and omgg the creeping horror and tension of seeing people give way to ads and then the ads give way to people again and hold on those messages look familiar and !HOLY MOLY!!! ik ive said it sm atp but its SO GOOD and creepy like now the faceles silent enormous horde is just taking up the faces of all these dead people and parroting their cheesy early internet era phrases like AGAIN its the 'this should be lame and corny' but its TENSE AND CREEPY like the ability to do that and take an unorthodox and absurd and typically trite subject + medium and turning it into this tense eerie grimly comedic thriller is just nothing short of amazing and a real testament to your skill and creativity as a writer. it's such a short story but such an efficient one and truly gives the sense of a whole other world full of real people and their anguish, grief, and hopeless humour. anyways i'm almost done feverishly fanboying but i dont really know how else to summarise this other than that your writing is incredible, and that this story is just so endearingly, stabbingly, and distressingly human. (even more so, that it doesn't end with them!!)


Thank you so so much for taking the time to play and write this up!! I'm not a big fiction writer so this meant a lot

ALSO thank you for the donation???? I almost fuckin shit when I saw the email, it's really appreciated 

So so good!


thank you so much!!!


This was so awesome. I honestly was not expecting much but I was gripped and really drawn into the story. One of the better games I've ever played on itch.


This felt real! Nicely executed.


read the entire thing.


feeling real bad for alex, his two closest friends died and he was alone. also i loved the part where it was so active and it was suddenly just ads it was so good and so sad. i was genuinely so sad for luna and lia also my favorite line was count buffalos and gregory228. it was really sad honestly like im really sad and i also liked the grandma and alexa comment lol. i honestly do not have the words this was so immersive and genuinely amazing. the charactesr were so silly and goofy and this was just so good. idk how many people have seen this but it is insaneky good and deserves so much recognition its so good. i love the whole concept and my first thought when i saw it was "are we on lias phone?" but i dont even know its just so beautiful