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Marissa Is Now Idle is a visual novel made for the Dying MMO Jam, that takes place on a computer in 2003. After logging in, you find your internet friend Marissa sitting next to you and have one last conversation.

However, one second in real life equals one minute in-game and when 6pm hits, WarCore will shut down, whether you've resolved your feelings or not. 

 Each playthrough lasts just over 60 seconds 

  Choices and multiple branches!

  A toggleable CRT shader for that early 2000s feel

  Angsty gay girls!

  A few extras for finishing the true ending

  Featured in Issue #27 of Indiepocalypse!

  Featured in Polygon's Next Generation Of Everything!

  Featured in the Queer Games Bundle 2022!

 Programming and production by Niandra! (main twitter here)

 Writing by Rushfoil

 Full credits here


MarissaIsNowIdle.zip 46 MB

Install instructions

1. Download .zip

2. Extract

3. Run .exe

Development log


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This is genuinely one of the most impactful games I have ever played, I played it a month or so ago and I genuinely have thought about it every week since. Thank you for writing it, genuinely.

i wish there was more to this! it was so wonderful, i think it would've made an incredible full game. amazing for a game jam though!!

Fantastic work, calling it moving is a vast, vast understatement. The atmosphere invoked by the premise is rich, and the execution of the dialogue and other elements (including the art on the desktop).

Thank you for the rad as fuck game 🥺

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This game was really sweet, and pretty, and cute. I loved playing it, it was an awsome experience. Thanks for making it !


It was a wonderful (and heart-breaking a little) experience !
Loved that you manage to put so much emotions in just 60 seconds, and that this time limit is so well included in the whole thing :)


I really love this. Can't wait to see more from you!


Aaaa thank you - that means so much!!! I really loved Video Tennis!!


Thank you!


i came from the link on youtube, it's a great little experience, very cute story!!<3 


Thank you so much for playing!!!!!

I would love to play this but seeing as how there isn't an option to make the game full screen the game is completely unplayable for me. the windowed box is so tiny that it is completely impossible to read any of the dialogue


Aw sorry to hear that - are you perhaps on a monitor that's above 1920x1080?


indeed I am I might change the resolution and see if that fixes anything. I am playing on a 55 inch 4k tv


No, dad, I'm not ok. :')


That was a cute little story, really digged that old XP vibe <3


Thank you for playing!!


Hits real hard. Good work!


Thank you so much! <3


Incredible amount of polish and detail and some very sweet conversations. Thanks so much for this little adventure!


Thank you so much for taking the time to play it!!!